In Math the children will learn:

  • Identify shapes and numbers
  • Relate life experience to math
  • Sequence numerals and classify objects
  • Make comparisons to see the relationships of concrete objects

In Arts the children will learn:

  • Creativeness through planning, designing, and constructing ideas
  • Way of expressing ideas
  • Experimentation with color, sizes, various textures, and configurations
  • Eye hand coordination and better fine muscle control for later writing skills
  • Respect for artistic expression of others

In Reading the children will learn:

  • Respect and care for books
  • Imagine events and situations
  • Storytelling and dictation of stories
  • Sequencing of pictures
  • Left to right progression
  • The interpretation of pictures and details

In Language the children will learn:

  • Identify letters of the alphabet
  • Relate objects to words
  • Word recognition and associations
  • Vowel and consonants sounds and recognition
  • Tools for later oral pronunciation of words

In Science the children will learn:

  • Explore the natural and mechanical world
  • Observe orderly sequences of life
  • Formulate and evaluate predictions
  • Observe the relationships between and among sizes
  • Gather simple data and to draw conclusions